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Enhanced Website Security

We have added enhanced security to the WAC website in an effort to combat those pesky ‘Bots’ that seem to have spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. In most cases, these Bots are benign and do not pose a true security threat, they can however, take over your browser and guide you to other pages (whether you want to see these pages or not!).

In response to the threat presented by these Internet ‘bugs’, we have installed a Level-4 Firewall as of July 2019 to the servers hosting the WAC website.

What this means for you: In most cases, you will not notice anything different when visiting the club website. Having said this, our newly upgraded security may affect those of you trying to log in using Public WiFi as an Internet source. Public WiFi is not secure and, for the most part, our system recognizes that. The Firewall will permit you to view the website but you will be blocked from logging in.

What can you do if you are blocked?
If you try and log in and you are blocked, please take the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you are on SECURE network connection (not Public WiFi)
    • If you are using your mobile phone, simply turn off your WiFi and you should be grated access
  2. If you are trying to access the system from your home router and you still cannot get access, we can help:
    • Open your browser
    • Type the following into your Search window: “What is my IP Address”
    • Copy your IP Address
    • Email your IP Address to
    • We will ‘Add’ your IP address into our list of Approved IP’s and you will have access
  3. If after all of these steps, you still cannot access the system, please contact us again with your telephone number at: and we’ll contact you and work through the issue