USPSA | IDPA | Action Steel Challenge

USPSA & IDPA are the largest competitive action pistol organizations in the U.S. The WAC is very active in these sports and hosts several matches every month to fill your need for speed.

New to Action Shooting? Try our new shooter introduction on the 1st Saturday of the month at 9 am – or – Go to PractiScore under local matches; POC:  Dan Bernard at (813) 340-7707 or

Tuesday Nights at 6:30 pm
Action Pistol Match with 4 Stages

Friday Nights at 6:30 pm
Action Pistol Match with 4 Stages

1st Saturday of the Month @ 10:00 AM
Introduction to Action Pistol

2nd Saturday of the month at 9 am
Action Pistol Juniors Practice (Action Bays)
The Well Armed Woman (Jack Jones Range)

3rd Saturday of the Month
USPSA Steel Challenge at 9 am

Whenever there is a 5th Saturday in a month
USPSA Special Match @ 9:30 AM

1st Sunday of the Month
Zombie or ICORE at 9 am

4th Sunday of the Month
USPSA 6 Stage Match at 9:30 am

2nd  Sunday of the month
IDPA Match 6 stages Setup  8:00AM, registration 9:00 AM

Action Pistol Beginner Course

With the popularity of Action Pistol growing we are seeing more people want in on our games at the WAC. We have two to three action pistol matches per week including IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge and hybrid style.

This class is designed to help you be prepared for the action pistol matches. Equipment, rules, etiquette, and safety are covered in a 3 hour course. Classroom and on the range shooting included. Perfect for the experienced shooter wanting to improve their skills.

1st Saturday Monthly
Action Bays Classroom
10:00am-12:00 noon

Bring your equipment. Pistol (encased),  holster, magazines and pouches, eye and ear protection, ammunition (100+ rounds), etc. Plan for classroom time and time on range (sun, bugs, heat etc)

  • Who: The class is for new shooting competitors, not necessarily for brand-new shooters (you should already know how to operate a pistol to take the class .
  • How Much: We are charging $10 for WAC members and $20 for non-members ).
  • To Register: Go to Go to PractiScore under local matches
  • POC:  Dan Bernard at (813) 340-7707 or