Tuesday Night 3D Competition Shoot / Recreational Target Practice

Set up & Safety Brief – 6:00pm to 6:30pm
Shoot – 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Clean up – 8:00pm – until complete

3D Competition Shoot – Consists of 10 targets 3 arrows per target
Traditional/Youth/Senior – Targets out to 25 yards
Hunter – Targets out to 40 yards
Unlimited – Targets out to 60 yards

Archers are required to qualify to shoot the 3D Competition

Cost for Tuesday Night Shoot – $5.00 for everyone 18 and over / 17 and under Free

Thursday Night Target Practice Only – No 3D Targets
Safety Brief – 6:30pm
Shoot – 6:45pm to 8:00pm approximate

This is an informal practice night requiring set up as well as clean up
of your club provided block/bag targets.

This is a great day to improve your skills and make adjustment to qualify to
shoot in the 3D Competition Shoot on Tuesdays

Cost for Thursday Night Shoot – RO’s N/C, Members $3.00,
Non-members $5.00 for 18 & up
And as normal 17 and under are Free

Archery is on the 100 yard Competition Range
(Range to the East of the Public Line)

The Club has Bows and Arrows available at no charge
for those that would like to try Archery

Members and Non-Members are Welcome on both nights

Field/Target Points Only

Contact one of these discipline leaders for more info:
Gerald Keller 727-734-3467 | Dave Fessenden 727-492-0951 | Paul Badalucco 727-531-6599