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cowboy fast draw

fast draw competition

cowboy fast draw

Cowboy fast draw is performed with old-west style single action six-guns in 45 Colt caliber, with special casings allowing a 209 shotgun primer to propel a wax bullet to around 700 feet per second. The targets are of steel and electronically record hits to within 1/1000 of one second.
We offer two styles of fast draw competition:

  • First is standard cowboy fast draw
  • Is contested at 15 feet in 17 inch round targets. Elimination rounds are used to determine who will participate in a shoot-off for the top competitor of a match.
  • Contests are held on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Second is ISI/blocker style fast draw
  • Is contested at 14 feet on 20’X40″ rectangular targets. This style of fast draw is done in a Round Robin format; whereas each contestant competes with every other contestant entered in that match. And, as in regular fast draw, elimination rounds are scored to determine the shoot-off participants for top gun. Participants in this style of fast draw are required to obtain an Individual Scoring Index by firing a personal twenty round qualifier for a beginners average.
  • Contests are held on the fourth Saturday of the month.

Entry fees are $20 per participant. Times and range locations are available on the WAC activities calendar. Question may be answered by email to:

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