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We’re looking to re-open on Thursday pending any Storm Damage


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Pinellas Outdoor Shooting Range | Wyoming Antelope Club

We are the largest Public Shooting Range in Pinellas County offering many different activities for every age and interest

Pinellas Outdoor Shooting Range | Wyoming Antelope Club

We are the largest Public Shooting Range in Pinellas County offering many different activities for every age and interest.

We are located at: 3700 126th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33762
Range phone is: 727-573-3006 (During range hours)

public range hours

  • closed mondays
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm - tue
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm - wed
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm - thu
  • 9:00am - 8:00pm - fri
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm - sat
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm - sun

Public Range is dependent on special events

  • Please check our range calendar for any special event that may restrict or close the public line
  • ALL Firearms must be encased when brought to the public line.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult willing to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Please see our public line for a complete set of rules. will you work now
  • general rules

    Wyoming Antelope Club-Pinellas Outdoor Shooting Range General Rules & Regulations, January 2023

    • No shooting is permitted on any range unless there is a Range Officer present and in control.
    • Ear and eye protection are mandatory for anyone on the concrete pad when the line is hot.
    • No Shotguns are permitted on the Public Lines
    • Persons not firing shall not be on the firing line (except for spotters, coaches and adults supervising minors).
    • All persons under the age of 18 require immediate adult supervision at our range. The supervising adult must be within arms length of the shooter and not be shooting in another position. If a minor is firing a rifle or handgun even with immediate adult supervision, it will be the Range Officers final decision as to whether that minor has the experience necessary to fire that firearm. If not, the Range Officer may stop them from shooting. Note: there is no minimum age for shooting at our range.
    • The muzzles of all firearms must be pointed in a safe direction at all times and encased while moving from firing position.
    • No persons may go forward of the concrete pad/firing line during the period the line is deemed hot.
    • Bulk amounts of black powder are not to be brought to the line. Flasks and horns must be filled in the parking lot maximum 1 pound.
    • No rapid or uncontrolled fire as judged by the Range Officer.
    • Any firearm deemed unsafe to fire by Range Officer shall be encased and removed from the Range.
    • Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on the range. This includes any person under the influence of alcohol. (Alcohol is allowed only within the clubhouse.)
    • No smoking in front of the yellow, line.
    • Any person exhibiting a lack of due care or proficiency will be immediately ordered to cease fire and told to leave the Range.
    • No guns are allowed to be put out for sale at any of our ranges.
    • No civilian shall wear a holstered handgun (with the exception of specific action pistol events and Uniformed Law Enforcement personnel).
    • No human silhouette targets shall be used during club operating hours unless sold by the Club.
    • Only one paper target is allowed per frame. (Multiple bullseye targets permissible.)
    • Purposeful destruction of frames or facilities will NOT be tolerated. A penalty of $25.00 minimum will be assessed for purposeful destruction of club facilities.
    • No exploding targets or tracer ammunition is allowed.
    • Shooters may only retrieve their brass.

    Download & Print a PDF of the WAC General Rules & Regulations

  • dress code

    dress code

    Dress code is important to safety. Most people do not think much about it before visiting the range but here are a few specifics of dress code at the range.

    • No low cut collars
    • Brass is hot and will go into any opening
    • Closed toe shoes ONLY
    • No sandals or flip flops
    • Eye and Ear protection at ALL times
    • Hats are suggested but not required
    • No Profanity – We have kids
  • all firearms

    all firearms

    1. A firearm is considered safe if encased or if unloaded with the magazine removed and action or cylinder open in such a manner as to make it physically impossible to fire.
    2. Firearms must be brought to the firing line encased and removed only when the line is hot.
    3. All firearms must be fired from the bench on the 100 yard line.
    4. All firearms must be safe and shall not be handled during the periods that the line is called cold.
    5. All unattended firearms on the line shall be left safe with the actions open, magazines out and chambers empty or cylinders open.
    6. Calibers up to but NOT including 50 caliber BMG are allowed.
    7. Firearms going automatic shall be made safe and removed from the range.
  • range class 3

    class 3

    2. See Frank Gaughen or Joe Zawacki for details about using Automatic Firearms.
    3. Some class 3 firearms and devices maybe fired with proof of license.
    4. See range officer for details.
  • range distance

    range distance

    • Pistol Range: 6 yards
    • Pistol/Rifle Range: 10 yards
    • Rifle Range: 25 Yards
    • Rifle Range: 50 Yards
    • Rifle Range: 100 yards
  • range fees

    range fees

    • Membership $250 First Year
    • Membership $200 Annual Renewal
    • Members: NO Public Line Fees
    • Guests of Members: $10/day (Only 1 visit as a guest)
    • General Public: $20/day
    • Memberships applications are available at the public range.
    • Discounts available for Active Military
  • range pistol

    public range pistol rules

    1. Handguns may load magazines to capacity with at least a 2 second intervals per shot. All other range rules apply.
    2. Pistols chambered for rifle cartridges shall only be shot from the bench at all positions.
  • range rifle

    public range rifle rules

    1. All center fire rifles may be loaded to magazine capacity and fired with at least 2 second intervals per shot. The center fire rifles must be fired from the bench as per existing range rules.
    2. Rim fire rifles may load magazines to capacity.
    3. All center fire rifles must be fired from the bench; no off-hand shooting.
    4. Rim fire rifles may be fired from the bench or off-hand. (Exception Bench only on the 100 yard range.)
    5. Muzzle loader/black powder rifles may be fired from the bench or off hand. (Exception  Bench only on the 100 yard range.)
    6. Spotting Scopes located on thePublic line are for R.O.s only.